Support Greene

The motto of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is “Every Child. One Voice.”, and our mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

One way we live that mission is by eliminating barriers so every Greene student can explore and participate in the wide-ranging activities and programs that our school has to offer.

We are asking parents to donate $300 per student to support our mission. By pooling our donations, we can fund curriculum, enrichment programs, and community building activities so they are accessible to all students. Parent donations to the Greene PTA can fund:

  • School supplies, including 1 set of Greene’s PE uniform
  • Storytelling workshops in English and Social Studies
  • Greene’s Lunch Clubs, like Yearbook and Library
  • After School Enrichment, like our award-winning SciOly, AMC8, and MathCounts programs
  • School Dances and Movie Nights
  • And more!

Please join us in our efforts by donating to the Greene PTA HERE. The Full Package includes the donation ($300), a PTA membership ($10), and a donation to our Staff Appreciation Gift Card fund ($10) all with 1-click. There is also a Write In Your Own Donation – every dollar helps us build the community that we want for our students, staff, and families. Thank you!

Corporate Matching. Please ask your employer if they will match your charitable giving.  Many corporations and organizations use the third-party company: Benevity. Corporate Matching can substantially increase your gift. Greene PTA Tax ID#: 94-6172286.