Spring Semester*

This FAQ was created to help inform parents about the Spring Semester* at Greene.

* The asterisk denotes that the actual timing of our return to campus is unknown pending the “purple tier” Covid status of Santa Clara County. Originally, spring semester would have 2 different learning models: Distance Learning (DL) and Hybrid (H). If SCC remains in purple status, spring semester may be a continuation of fall semester’s DL program with no changes.

11/19/2020 Update with Notes from Ms Q’s 5:30pm Principal’s Coffee

What is the status of the ReOpening?Greene ReOpening is ON HOLD, as a result of Santa Clara County moving to the “Purple Tier” Covid status. All planning and all facilities upgrades (e.g. signage, desk shields, etc.) have been placed on hold.
When will we reopen?TBD. In order to restart the planning and preparation for ReOpening, Santa Clara County would need to move out of the “Purple Tier” for 14+ consecutive days. At that point, the District would restart its planning and preparation to reopen (estimate: 3-4 additional weeks). Therefore, ReOpening in January 2021 is unlikely.
What will school be like on Jan 7th, 2021?Per the 2020-2021 PAUSD District calendar, we will return from Winter Break to begin our Spring Semester. School will resume as the current status quo: distance learning with no planned changes to the bell schedule, class make-up or size, teacher assignment, etc.
How many students/families chose Hybrid?6th Grade: ~140 or ~50%
7th Grade: ~115 or ~40%
8th Grade: ~ 94 or ~32%
Now that we have the numbers, is there a way to accommodate all of the students who want to come back to campus?Greene staff is examining options with this goal in mind.

INFORMATION BELOW was created prior to 11/16/2020 announcement of Santa Clara County’s “Purple Tier” status and is listed for parents’ reference and may be outdated.

Additional Informational Resources

* 11/10 Board Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwMSb-esm70&feature=youtu.be. Item 5A – Reopening Secondary Schools begins at 1:34:22 – 4:50:00. This includes staff recommendations of secondary schedules, public comments, Board questions, and approval.
* https://www.pausd.org/return-to-campus
* Superintendent’s Updates
*Principal’s Community Updates
* “What We Know” segments that Ms Q has filmed for students addressing questions about the school reopening in the Grade Level Courses for Schoology. Be sure and check with your students that they can access them there & share with parents. 
Learning Model Selection for Parents

Palo Alto Unified School District will offer options of either hybrid (in-person) or full distance (at-home) learning beginning January 2021* for middle and high school students. 
What is the Board-approved Plan for Spring semester?As of the 11/10 PAUSD Board meeting, the approved Plan is for Parents/Students to select to attend either the Distance Learning (DL) program or the Hybrid (H) program for Spring 2021*.

The Distance Learning (DL) program would look and feel like a continuation of our current program with some possible exceptions. 
* Students may experience a schedule change and/or they may be assigned different teachers. 
* Students may maintain their Spring semester course selection, though the period of the course and/or the teacher of the course may be different than they were in the Fall. 
* The start and end times of each day will remain the same. * The bell schedule during the day will be the same for Tuesday – Friday; Monday format is being evaluated. 

Each week, the DL student will have two 75-minute virtual, synchronous sessions per course.

The new Hybrid (H) program offers a combination of In Person (IP) and at home, synchronous (DL) instruction. 
* Students may experience a change in their schedules/or they may be assigned different teachers. 
* Students may maintain their Spring semester course selection, though the period of the course and/or the teacher of the course may be different than they were in the Fall. 
* The start and end times of each day will remain the same. * The bell schedule during the day will be the same for Tuesday – Friday; Monday format is being evaluated. 

Each week, the H student have a mix of In-Person and DL courses.
* 6th graders will have 4 course periods and Advisory In Person – for these courses, the H 6th grader will have two 75-minute in person, on campus sessions with teachers per week. The other 2 periods (PE/Music and Wheel) will be Distance Learning – for each of these DL periods, the student will have two 75-minute virtual, synchronous sessions per week.
* Determinations about 6th graders in 7A and the Immersion courses are still being discussed. No student will lose their placement in these programs.

*7th and 8th graders will have 3 courses (Social Studies, Englis-Language Arts, and Science) and Advisory In Person – for these periods, student will have two 75-minute in person, on campus sessions with teachers per week. All other courses will be DL, which will be two 75-minute sessions virtual, synchronous sessions per week.

The main driver of the determination of which courses are In Person or Distance Learning is the ability for the school to keep students and teachers in stable cohorts and to inhibit mixing and transitions of students while on campus.
I have questions, comments, concerns, in general, about the Board-approved Plan – how can I share these?If you are concerned as a parent about Secondary School Reopening plans, two common ways of conveying your feedback to the PAUSD Board and/or District Office is:
emailing board & Superintendent at: board@pausd.orgusing Let’s Talk: https://www.pausd.org/school-life/participate/lets-talk
Will my child have the same teachers?Maybe, but most likely not. Please expect to meet new teachers.
There is a graphic below in the Hybrid section which may help demonstrate why some students will be receiving new teachers.
Will my child’s schedule stay the same? E.g. If they have Science in Period 7 now, will that stay the same?Maybe, but most likely not.

Please expect change here.

Course schedule is being rearranged to minimize the number of people on campus at any one time. E.g. English classes for 7th/8th grade students will be moved to a morning period while they are on campus; English classes for 6th graders will be moved to an afternoon period while they are on campus. 
When will my child know his/her schedule? The current goal is to publish schedules by Winter Break.
What is the requirement for Instructional Minutes?Per State requirements (SB98), all students are required to have 240 instructional minutes per day, regardless of instructional model.
For 7th/8th graders: Why isn’t Math In Person+DL hybrid?

Why is Math only DL?
Math, unfortunately, cannot be offered In Person because math courses are available to a mix of grades. Math breaks up our stable cohorts, exposing students to an additional group of students.
If my student is Hybrid, what date will students return to campus?TBD, pending COVID status of Santa Clara County
If our county changes color status to red or purple before the students return to campus and the hybrid program start date delayed will the student groups still change on Jan 7th based on family selections or will activation be postponed until a return date is established? TBD –
Please plan on attending future Principal’s Coffees to hear more details about the plan now that we have changed into the Purple.
What time does school start and end?Daily Start and End times will remain the same for both DL and H students.

Monday: 10:00am – 3:10pm
Tuesday: 9:00am – 3:40pm
Wednesday: 9:40am – 3:40pm
Thursday: 9:00am – 3:40pm
Friday: 9:40am – 3:10pm
What is the Revised Bell Schedule?
And, why was the Bell Schedule revised?
The Revised Bell Schedule applies to both DL and H students and will be the same for all of the Middle and High Schools.

The second semester bell schedule is changed to accommodate a longer lunch so students can transition between their hybrid (on-campus) and distance (at home) classes.
What is the deal with Monday?The Monday schedule may undergo additional revisions prior to the start of the new semester.

Revisions will be applied uniformly for both instructional learning models.

The district received a lot of feedback from teachers, students, and parents that Mondays were not working as well as originally intended.

The district is exploring what other school districts are doing with their Mondays (or 5th day) to improve them.

Mondays were originally designed to be a touch point and/or a launch pad to review what happened last week and to kick off the new week.
What will the class sizes be?For courses that are only available as DL (e.g. For 6th grade: PE/Music and Wheel, For 7th/8th Grade: Math, PE, Electives) – class size will remain about the same.

For courses that are available with the In Person option (e.g. English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, etc.), the class size will be ~15 for the Hybrid program and the class size will be ~38-39 for the DL program.

See the graphic below for an explanation of the class size change for these courses.

The graphic below illustrates the class size change for only courses with an In Person option. It may also help explain how some students may be receiving a new teacher, as well as the ~30% cap on Hybrid students.

How many students are in PAUSD+ at Greene?There are 2 cohorts of 14 students, so 28.
What is the proposed schedule for 6th Grade?***Please note the Presenter at the Board meeting mentioned that the At Home courses may actually be Period 1 and 2 (not 3 and 4 in the graphic) so that 6th graders are on campus in the afternoons while 7th and 8th graders are on campus in the mornings.

Again, the goal is to reduce the number of people on campus at any one time.***
What is the proposed schedule for 7th/8th Grade?
Will my Secondary student be in a “cohort”?Yes.

Hybrid 6th graders will be assigned to a cohort ranging in size from roughly 30 to 60 students with 2-4 teachers. 

Hybrid 7th and 8th graders will be assigned to a cohort of roughly 45 students with 3 teachers.
Are the 45 students mixed in different classes or do they rotate in smaller groups of 15 students?For 7th/8th graders scenario: Students are in a group of ~15 and will take their English, Social Studies, and Science class together. 
Each (English, SS, Science) teacher will see 3 separate groups of 15 students. Therefore, the cohort is considered to be roughly 45 students (3 x 15) + 3 teachers.
Why do 6th graders have more IP time than 7th/8th?

Why do 7th/8th graders have less IP time than 6th?
6th graders have more In Person time than 7th/8th graders because their curriculum is more standardized. It is easier to keep them in stable cohorts and to prevent mixing outside of cohorts. 6th graders have more standardized classes.

7th/8th grader have less In Person time that 6th graders because their curriculum is more specialized. It is more difficult to keep them in stable cohorts and to prevent them from mixing. The only 3 courses that all 7th and 8th graders take, where there is no mixing of grades and no alternative coursework is: English-Langauge Arts, Social Studies, and Science. I.e. All 7th graders take the same English course, the same SS course, and the same Science course.
Will the Hybrid student need their Chromebook at school?Yes. Hybrid students will be asked to bring their PAUSD Chromebooks back and forth to school. Please note that only PAUSD Chromebooks will be supported by school staff/ IT personnel. Personal devices will not be supported.
PAUSD Chromebooks will be offered to any students who do not have one.
Will in person/ hybrid program give kids direct teaching or will they still be on their laptops? I’m hearing from my 8th grader that they will still be online in person?? Is that correct???In Person teaching will be direct, in person with teacher and students are physically in the same classroom interacting with each other while all wearing PPEs and students at socially-distanced desks with plastic barriers. 

And, students will still need their PAUSD Chromebooks. (see Q&A above). 
When hybrid kids are at home, is it synchronous (live) instruction?Yes. “At home” portions will be live, synchronous instruction.
Why isn’t PE in-person?PE has restrictions from the SCC and CA health department, including that it must be outdoors and students are not permitted to change clothes/use the locker room.

Students must still be socially-distanced from each other and not share any equipment. Masks must still be worn on campus, therefore no activity should be strenuous enough to cause breathing problems with a mask.

With these restrictions, 75 minutes of PE might be less effective in school than if done at home.

Also, with limited time available on campus, students may receive more of a benefit attending another course in person than attending PE in person.
Why was Advisory selected to be In Person?The school wants to have as many courses be In Person as long as the cohort can remain intact.

They want teachers and students to have as much in-person interaction as possible. The advisory course meets that criteria – this time allows teachers to get to know their students better and vice versa.
Which entrance will my child use?Each grade will have its own bike cage and its own entrance. One way traffic flows will be established. Students – with the guidance of the staff and the encouragement of their parents and maybe a little peer pressure – will go with the flow, even if they have to ride or walk a little bit further than they had to pre-Covid.
Will hybrid students be able to use lockers? If not, how are they expected to carry their text books around during the in-person days?Students will not be able to use their lockers. Most students will use backpacks or bags to carry their things.
Is lunch free for all kids in the hybrid program? If so, how will that be distributed?Actually, lunch is free and provided for all PAUSD students. Currently all Greene students/families may pick up a lunch by driving through the front drive on California Ave. In the Spring, DL Greene students may continue to pick up lunch via the drive through, and H Greene students can grab and go. 
Can students bring their own lunch? Yes.
Will students be allowed to congregate and eat lunch together on campusStudents within their cohorts will each lunch together and will be socially-distanced from one another. Eating lunch will be the only time students will be permitted to take off their masks. 
There will be no mixing of cohorts for any in-person activity. 
Is there enough time for students to eat lunch on campus before going to school/home?The answer to this question depends on the student’s personal/unique situation.

Lunch on campus is optional.

A 7th/8th student may grab a lunch (or bring his/her own) to eat on campus with their cohort before heading home or they may head straight home to eat their lunch before joining their afternoon DL classes.

A 6th grader may choose to eat at home before coming onto campus for his/her classes, or they could come early to eat lunch with their cohort before attending their IP classes.
What is the actual layout of the classrooms?In each classroom, desks will be rearranged to be socially-distanced and plastic barriers will be installed on each desk. 

Students will be responsible for wiping down their desks and plastic barriers. There is not enough custodial staff, nor passing time to clean classrooms in between periods.

Cohorts will move from room-to-room. I.e. They will go to English class in their English teacher’s classroom, then move to Science in their Science teacher’s classroom (or whatever their course schedule is), etc.
Teachers will have their rooms set up to support their curriculum.
How will students socially-distance in bathrooms?Each bathroom at Greene can accommodate up to 3 students safely.

Current thinking is that there will be 3 hooks outside of the bathroom door. Prior to entering, the student will place a lanyard on one of the hooks. If the hooks are full of lanyards, the student will have to wait until one of the 3 students already inside the bathroom exits and removes a lanyard from hook.
Will there be paper towels in the bathroom? Will the air dryers be disconnected/ not available for use? Yes.
How often will the bathrooms be cleaned?End of the day, by the custodial staff, using new electrostatic sprayers.
How will students move from one classroom to another? 
Greene’s interior hallways are wide enough for two-way traffic flow. It will be important for students to walk on the correct side of the hallway, keep themselves socially distanced and not run into each other/ high five/ etc.

Interior hallways and exterior walkways will have signage to indicate traffic direction.

For 7th/8th graders – there is 1 transition in between their 2 on-campus courses + arriving + departing. For 6th graders – there are several transitions which may occur.
Who will monitor students’ behavior in hallways during passing time?Students will monitor students’ behavior, as well as Front Office staff, and Counselors.

Teachers may say something if they see something, but their focus during passing time will be transitioning for their next class and not on monitoring the hallways.

The Leadership Team (8th grade course) will also be making PSA (Public Service Announcements) to help Greene students learn the new norms of campus life.
Can students be in the library or another dedicated space before or after classes? This helps working parents whose children do not live close enough to bike or walk to school.
Unfortunately, no.

Students must stay with their cohorts in assigned spaces to maintain cohort integrity. It is the key to containing spread should someone test + for the virus.

The Library and other shared spaces/common areas will be closed to prevent gathering and mixing.
How will school/district screen students?The School/District will NOT be screening students.
Parents will serve as the first and primary screeners for students each day. Parents will be responsible for checking the health check off every morning for their student, regardless of the grade level.

EVERY DAY YOUR STUDENT HEADS TO CAMPUS, parents must check in their student(s) using Parent Square. 

Please watch this HOW TO video
Can the district/school guarantee that no one at school will be sick with COVID?No. The district has taken a “public health-informed approach,” which doesn’t preclude it from having cases of the coronavirus, but means that the infrastructure is in place to contain and prevent large outbreaks.  

That infrastructure includes relying on common public health strategies like social distancing, face coverings, hand washing, symptom screening via daily Parent Square Health check-in, testing of teachers and staff, isolation and quarantine procedures, contact tracing, and minimizing travel within the school grounds, as well as limiting large gatherings.  

Returning to face-to-face learning is not a zero-risk proposition; the value of in-person instruction assumes some level of risk.
Do plans incorporate:universal masking, address decreased crowding, ventilation, safe meal times,include screening and testing polices, and have plans for taking care of symptomatic students and teachers. Yes. Please refer to: https://www.pausd.org/return-to-campus/roadmap-details/health-safety

Highlights include:
*All staff and studen ts will be required to wear masks 100% of the time, unless eating.
* School sites are working on organizing zones to keep students in separate groups while out during lunch (just like the elementary schools have done).
* The district has installed new HVAC air filters in highly trafficked areas, and is evaluating all classrooms for air flow and safety standards before our return in January.
* The district safety plan details a step by step flowchart of how we are to deal with reports of COVID at the school site. 

NEXT STEPS:Following guidance from State and County Health departments and the outlines from the Return To Campus plan, as well as practices from PAUSD elementary schools, each of the MS Principals will be walking through their campuses with members from PAUSD Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance to discuss campus-specific procedures for Health and Safety. 

In addition to traffic flows, signage, additional equipment and supplies, etc. will be specified to become Campus-Specific plans which will be reviewed by District, Site/Campus staff, and a joint Staff-Parent committee. 

During this time, all folks involved will try to cover details like: Student Flow, traveling to/from bike cage, hallways, passing period, bathroom use, lunch. These plans will then be rolled out to Students and Parents alike. 

Please expect to see Campus-Specific procedures soon and please also expect adjustments to those once In Person school starts. 

Ms. Q, our Greene Principal, will be reviewing these site-specific plans in her weekly Principal’s Coffees. Also, announcements about ReOpening are going directly to the students – please ask yours about what information they are receiving from school staff.
What is someone exhibits COVID symptoms?
What if someone has come into close contact with a COVID+ person?
What if someone tests + for COVID?
Please refer to: https://www.pausd.org/return-to-campus/roadmap-details/health-safetyNote. Recreated from “Reopening of Santa Clara County K-12 Schools COVID-19 PREPARED: for the 2020-2021 School Year.” Santa Clara County, Santa Clara County Public Health. 2020, June 30. Retrieved from https://www.sccgov.org/sites/covid19/Documents/ReopeningofSantaClaraCountyK12Schools.pdf
If you are hybrid and there’s a shut down, will instruction be synchronous while at home?Yes. The plan is to remain synchronous.

Please note that with the proposed Hybrid model, students and teachers are arranged by Cohorts. Should a quarantine be required, the entire Cohort will switch from In Person to Distance Learning.
If you are hybrid and have to stay home, will you be asynchronous until you return to in person?If your child is sick with a non-Covid illness (e.g. common cold, flu, pink eye, food poisoning, etc.), your child will be home and will miss class, just as he/she would have pre-Covid. Once recovered, your child will contact the teacher to figure out how to make up missed assignments.

The same is true if your child is on vacation or otherwise going to miss school. Absences will still happen – please contact greeneattendance@pausd.org to report your child’s absence.

By the same token, if a teacher falls ill or wants to take a vacation day, a substitute teacher will be provided, just like pre-Covid.
Do I need to quarantine or get tested when I return from traveling outside of the County?The message below is recent language that just came from the Santa Clara County Health Department. 

Answer: Currently, there is no legal requirement that you get tested or quarantine just because you traveled outside the state or country. But the COVID-19 virus is still circulating across the region, country, and globe, and if you are returning to Santa Clara County after travel, you should ask yourself the following questions:
* In the areas you visited, were the COVID-19 case rates higher than in Santa Clara County?
* Did you engage in any activities that would increase your risk of exposure? (examples include attending events with people outside your household, having contact with people who are not wearing face coverings, or attending large in person events.)

If you answered yes to either question, consider taking the following steps to protect yourself and others in the Santa Clara county community:
* Reducing your contact with people outside your household for 14 days after returning
* Getting tested during this 14 day period, ideally sometime between four and seven days after your return
* Taking extra care to always wear your face covering when you’re in public.

If the County/State shuts down schools or the Board votes to shut down the school, and Spring Semester has started – would we revert back to the Fall schedule? The administration is currently leaning towards minimizing change. If the Spring semester has already begun, the school would be inclined to keep the bell schedule, course order, and teacher assignments in place and not change back.
How often will teachers and faculty be tested in the spring for the hybrid program?Currently, the Districts provides opportunities every-other-week for all staff (teachers, office, aides, etc.) to be tested. These sessions are optional – there is no mandated testing.
What about 3rd Party Vendors to teach DL? No. (e.g. US Scout, BYU) for DL is now “off the table”. In the 10/23 Parent Pulse survey, the option for DL to learn via a 3rd party vendor came in last with parents and students. And it also came in last in options from the perspective of Instructional Leads (ILs). 

PAUSD teachers will teach DL classes, just as they do now.
Will DL have cohorts as well?No. Cohorts are created for Hybrid/In Person students to minimize the impact of Covid.

But, the notion of adding more classes with fewer students is currently limited by the number of teachers available. 
What is being done about the increased class size for DL?The MS and HS Principals have been meeting and are continuing to meet to address class size.

Ms Q acknowledged parents’ concerns with increased class size for DL.
Questions still being discussed:
* What is the Monday schedule? Will it be asynchronous?
* When and how will we receive campus-specific procedures for H students? Will there be a Handbook? How will Parents and Students be trained in the new procedures?
* What happens if a student is not checked off in Parent Square? Will they be prevented from entering campus? Who will be checking? 
* What happens if a student is not wearing a mask? Or not maintaining social distance? Or otherwise not adhering to safely protocol?11/14:
* What about clubs?
* How will the classrooms, facilities be ventilated?
and more…
Please expect changes and updates to these FAQs.