Greene will continue to use Schoology for the 2021-2022 school year.

Does my child, a Greene student, have to log into Schoology to do schoolwork? Yes.

  • Assignments and messages from teachers to students are posted in Schoology. Students may ask questions through Schoology. 
  • If teachers/staff and your student are emailing each other, teachers/staff will be using their pausd accounts; the student must use his/her PAUSD Gmail account. 
  • If your student has missed an assignment or a meeting or whatever, it will be listed in Schoology. Feedback is posted in Schoology as well.

Where does my student find assignments?

Assignments may be listed in 3 areas.

  1. Student Activity (main window)
  2. Upcoming (window on the right)
  3. COURSES (along top menu). Click on COURSES which takes you to a menu of all of your student’s courses. >> Click on each COURSE to find the teacher’s Phase III ROLE folder.

Do I, as a parent, have to log into Schoology? Maybe at least once, just to check it out. ; )

  • How Parents log into Schoology: <4 min Youtube video by Greene parent:  How to Log In
  • How Parents update settings to receive Schoology reminders through email and/or texts (so you don’t have to log into Schoology anymore).

1. Go to right hand side of the home page, select your name and scroll down to “Settings”.

2. Click on the “Notifications” tab. Turn “on” which emails and/or texts you want to receive.

Learn more about navigating Schoology

Step 1: 03:50 Youtube video by Greene Parent: How to Log In

Step 2: After you have logged in, click on your Profile, then click on COURSES to find SCHOOLOGY BACKPACK.

Step 3: Click on Schoology Backpack access these basics…

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