The Greene PTA loves our school and we want all of our students to have equal access to all of the materials and activities in middle school. We also fund supplemental enrichment programs that we believe will benefit all of our students. 

We ask for parents to donate one time at the beginning of the school year, eliminating fees and requests for donations throughout the year. 
This year, we are asking parents to donate $225 per student with a goal of raising $120,000 to support and enrich the curriculum at Greene.

The Greene PTA funds:
* Storytelling Workshop for our English/Language Arts classes 
* Challenge Day program 
* Greene Library’s Battle of the Books Trivia Contest
* Greene Binder Reminder (daily planner)
* School Dances and Lunch Clubs 
* Materials for Wheel (6th) and Electives (7th and 8th)
* All general school supplies, 
* and more!

Together, we are building the school and community that we want for all of our families. Thank you.

Please donate to the Greene PTA through the *NEW* online Back To School form. 

If you already filled out the school’s form and would like to return to complete your PTA donation, please use this link: ​​

Corporate Matching. Please ask your employer if they will match your charitable giving.  Many corporations and organizations use the third-party company: Benevity. Corporate Matching can substantially increase your gift. Greene PTA Tax ID#: 94-6172286