Promotion Party for ALL 8th Graders

Immediately following the Promotion Ceremony

Thursday 6/2/22, 7-10pm @ Greene Middle School

Kids Only (unless you volunteer)

Party FULLY Funded by the PTA & the Gott’s Fundraiser (no ticket purchasing-yay!)

No need to make dinner plans to celebrate your 8th grader’s achievement after the promotion ceremony!  Save the special dinner for another night!  Your 8th grader will WANT to be at this fabulous party filled with yummy food & snacks, an awesome DJ & games to entertain them, a quiet room for those wanting a more chill vibe, amazing prizes (really), and most importantly making special memories with their friends to cap off their middle school experience!  

Permission forms will go out shortly.  Like Greene dances, once the students enter the party, they will not be able to leave until the end of the party.  Kids will be allowed to have their cellphones at the party.  However, they will need to check in any bags at the bag check-in station inside the party.

Lastly, thank you to the many parents who have signed up to help bring this party to life!  We still have some volunteer spots available, so if you can sign up, we will be grateful! Also, don’t forget to upload pictures for the slideshow that will be shown in the quiet room!  

If you have any questions about the promotion party, please do not hesitate to ask The Promotion Party Co-Chairs, Mel or Esther Yoo.

All sign-ups, links, and contact information is available via ParentSquare.