Privacy settings – Schoology

It’s not you…
Have you ever poked around Schoology: you’re signed into your account, you’re looking through your child’s view, and you decide to see what kind of assignment is being given to your child? Not his/her submitted work, but the blank, to-be-done work…and you get this error instead?

 You may have been mistakenly told that there is something wrong with your settings or you are not doing it right.

Good news! IT’S NOT YOU. 

Schoology has confirmed that parents can get the Access Denied window when teachers use Google Assignments. AND, Schoology is actually leveraging Google’s privacy platform to ensure only teachers + students can see certain content, and outsiders cannot.

So… the good news is that it’s not our fault that we can’t see the assignments – there’s nothing wrong with us. The bad news for parents is that this error window is actually a feature. ; )

It is on the PAUSD IT’s radar (thanks to the Let’s Talk feature) – however, what to do about it is on their long list of to-dos. Please be patient and stay tuned…

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