Principal’s Letter

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dear Greene Families, 

We hope you and your family are gradually feeling a better sense of balance.  As we approach the end of the second week of Phase III, our teachers have shared their impressions on how students are doing.  ALL of our teachers have been tracking student engagement through the ROLEs and many have reached out to check in on their student’s well-being while encouraging academic participation.  

Our efforts during this phase have been centered on identifying students who are “tuning in” as well as those who might not yet be connected.  We know that our students need different types and amounts of support, and our teachers are monitoring presence as well as student progress.  To this end, our staff is utilizing strategies to provide timely feedback.  In addition, teachers welcome student feedback with regard to their overall experience and perception of class expectations, including feedback on the types of assignments, variety of assignments and the time it takes to complete assignments.

As students navigate assignments and manage their time, our elective and physical education teachers have incorporated kinesthetic learning opportunities to promote movement and brain-breaks across our courses. 

We continue to rely on Schoology as our primary learning system.  You can adjust your settings to see which assignments your student(s) have completed and those they still have to complete, and you can adjust your settings to receive a weekly report that summarizes your student’s completion.  For more information about Schoology, visit:

New Phase III Updates:

For current information and daily updates on PAUSD’s school closure, please visit our district’s dedicated webpage.  Should you have questions or concerns specific to your student, please reach out to their teachers, counselor, or our school’s administrative team.

Be well,

 Valerie Royaltey-Quandt

Principal, Greene Middle School