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The motto of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is “Every Child. One Voice.”, and our mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

One way we live that mission is by eliminating barriers so every Greene student can explore and participate in the wide-ranging activities and programs that our school has to offer.

We are asking parents to donate $300 per student to support our mission. By pooling our donations, we can fund curriculum, enrichment programs, and community building activities so they are accessible to all students. Parent donations to the Greene PTA can fund:

  • School supplies, including 1 set of Greene’s PE uniform
  • Storytelling workshops in English and Social Studies
  • Greene’s Lunch Clubs, like Yearbook and Library
  • After School Enrichment, like our award-winning SciOly, AMC8, and MathCounts programs
  • School Dances and Movie Nights
  • And more!

Please join us in our efforts by donating to the Greene PTA HERE. The Full Package includes the donation ($300), a PTA membership ($10), and a donation to our Staff Appreciation Gift Card fund ($10) all with 1-click. There is also a Write In Your Own Donation – every dollar helps us build the community that we want for our students, staff, and families. Thank you!

Corporate Matching. Please ask your employer if they will match your charitable giving.  Many corporations and organizations use the third-party company: Benevity. Corporate Matching can substantially increase your gift. Greene PTA Tax ID#: 94-6172286.


If your student will be biking to campus, please consider practicing riding the suggested SAFE ROUTE before their first day.

To Greene:
From neighborhoods east of El Camino GREENE MAP
From neighborhoods west of El Camino PALY MAP
From neighborhoods in East Palo Alto EAST PALO ALTO MAP

For neighborhoods east of El Camino

For neighborhoods west of El Camino – safely cross El Camino and the train tracks.

From neighborhoods in East Palo Alto – safely cross 101 and the creek

HELMETS, it’s the law!

According to California law, anyone under age 18 must wear a bicycle helmet if using the following modes of transportation: bicycle, non-motorized scooter, skateboard, inline/roller skates or as a passenger. 

Not wearing a helmet can result in a traffic citation plus traffic class attendance with a parent.

Information from City of Palo Alto – How to make sure that your helmet fits properly.


Bike Theft remains one of the most frequent crimes in Palo Alto.

Although Greene’s Bike Cages are locked during school hours, they are not locked right away to allow for late arrivals, and they are unlocked early so kids don’t have to wait around. Therefore, bikes can be and are stolen.

If your child will ride a bike, etc. to school – please send them with a lock and encourage them to use the lock.


PLEASE REGISTER YOUR BIKE so if it is recovered after its theft, it may be returned to you.


On behalf of the Greene PTA, I would like to thank all of the parents and staff members for their support of our School, the PTA, and our Community. Best wishes to our rising 9th graders and their families – please stay in touch! Have a great summer everyone!
Valerie Rainey
2021-2022 GPTA President

Our Principal, Mr. Benavidez, addresses friends and families of the Class of 2022 during Greene’s Promotion Ceremony (Jun 2, 2022)
Over 100 parents and staff members gave our Class of 2022 a Promotion Party to remember! There was food, games, prizes, photos, and dancing! Best Wishes to all of our rising 9th graders!

Promotion Party for ALL 8th Graders

Immediately following the Promotion Ceremony

Thursday 6/2/22, 7-10pm @ Greene Middle School

Kids Only (unless you volunteer)

Party FULLY Funded by the PTA & the Gott’s Fundraiser (no ticket purchasing-yay!)

No need to make dinner plans to celebrate your 8th grader’s achievement after the promotion ceremony!  Save the special dinner for another night!  Your 8th grader will WANT to be at this fabulous party filled with yummy food & snacks, an awesome DJ & games to entertain them, a quiet room for those wanting a more chill vibe, amazing prizes (really), and most importantly making special memories with their friends to cap off their middle school experience!  

Permission forms will go out shortly.  Like Greene dances, once the students enter the party, they will not be able to leave until the end of the party.  Kids will be allowed to have their cellphones at the party.  However, they will need to check in any bags at the bag check-in station inside the party.

Lastly, thank you to the many parents who have signed up to help bring this party to life!  We still have some volunteer spots available, so if you can sign up, we will be grateful! Also, don’t forget to upload pictures for the slideshow that will be shown in the quiet room!  

If you have any questions about the promotion party, please do not hesitate to ask The Promotion Party Co-Chairs, Mel or Esther Yoo.

All sign-ups, links, and contact information is available via ParentSquare.

Greene Construction Overview

THU/May 19th at 5:00-6:00pm in the Greene Library Classroom –

Please join our Principal, Mr. Benavidez and Greene Construction Project Manager, Mr. Michael Hohl of fs3|Hodges for a presentation of the Greene Construction project scheduled to start this Summer and extend for 2 years.

Parents of current and future Greene students are welcome to attend. The meeting will take place in-person in the Greene Library Classroom and will be followed by a tour. We will also be recording the meeting and posting it for those parents who cannot attend. This meeting replaces the 7pm Principal’s Zoom. 

PAUSD Construction