• Are your kids coming home asking you if a new friend can come over? Or maybe they chatted with someone new over Zoom and want to connect?
  • Did you meet a parent at a Greene/PTA event or over a Zoom event, and you want to connect?
  • How do you figure out their email address? or phone number?

PLEASE USE UPTOUS, our online directory provider.

First time user? Go to www.uptous.com. Log in with the email address that you used when you registered with the school district to set up your account.

Using the UpToUs app on your mobile device, select the Address Book tab along the bottom of your screen. Search as much of the name as you know or can remember. Good luck!

Please note only families who have given permission to PAUSD to share contact info with the PTA will be granted access and will be listed in UpToUs.



Please update your profile to opt-in to Advisory Team/Teacher sub communities: www.uptous.com/onboarding/greene. We will soon be hosting grade level Parent Network meetings, and hopefully soon after meetings by Advisory Teams/Teachers so parents can connect with each other in smaller groups.


*You can do a search for any parent or student in the SEARCH window. Type in as many letters of the name as you know. 

*What if your information in incomplete or wrong? Please update your profile using your desktop/laptop and head to www.uptous.com. TOP RIGHT corner – drop down menu on your name to access your profile. Please make edits. We apologize for any inconvenience our errors may cause you.

All** really means just the parents who granted PAUSD permission to share their information with the PTA will be listed in UpToUs. If there are anonymous initials listed or you don’t see a name you are looking for, the parents may have opted out of sharing their info with us, the PTA.

Instructions when using the UpToUs app on your mobile device:

1. At the bottom of the screen, click on the Address Book icon 

2. At the top, click on the dropdown menu: Contacts – All Communities

3. Scroll down to find your child’s class and select it. All** parents of students who are assigned to your child’s class will be listed. Please give the app a few minutes to download your class list the first time.


If you are having trouble logging into UpToUs, please try one (or all) of these 3 actions.

1. If you are using your desktop/laptop, try switching to using the mobile app. Or,

2. When logging in, try using the same email address that you gave to PAUSD during registration/ ADU/ Annual Data Update (in late July/early Aug 2019). Or,

3. When all else fails, please email support@uptous.com for technical support.