MISSION in 2021-2022

To build the school and the community that we want for our families. For 2021-2022, we are focused on coming back together and growing together as a community.


We accomplish this by:This year:
Hosting community building eventsFor Parents – a mix of in-person and remote events, a range of get-togethers school-wide, grade-level, by advisory, by personal interest, across a range of days and times so all of our parents have access to attend.

For Teachers/Staff – showing the love to our wonderful Greene staff with Luncheons, Treats, and Classroom support.

For our Students – providing financial support to school programs (e.g. lunch clubs) and events (e.g. school dances) so that students begin to build their own communities as they mature.
Recruiting parents to volunteer to support school curriculum, enrichment activities, and community building events
Although opportunities for parents to be on campus remains limited, there will be a handful of school-led events which will require parent chaperones.
Fundraising to supplement the school‘s budget to ensure teachers and staff have the materials and equipment they need to implement the curriculumIf there could be one certainty about the new school year – it will be that parents and the community will be asked to come together to financially supplement district and state funding. 

Where did the PTA spend last year’s budget?
Providing information to our families about programs and events happening at school and in the community
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* Informal posts by parents and community members are encouraged through the Facebook private group: Greene Middle School Parent Community

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