Just Parties


Just Parties is a fundraising program for the Greene PTA

  • Every year, parents host a series of parties, and everyone is invited to purchase tickets to any of the parties they want to attend 
  • The party hosts donate the cost of the party, so all proceeds from the ticket sales go directly to the Greene PTA, which we use to support the school and to build community.

Just Parties range in size and participants: some are geared towards students, some for families, and some are for parents only. Just Parties range from camping trips to movie nights to nights out.

Why the name “Just Parties”? 

There are many ways to raise money. We choose to host parties because we are big believers in spending time together to strengthen our community. Therefore, we do not host auctions, walk-a-thons; we don’t sell wreaths, wrapping paper, candy, movie cards, or coupon booklets. We fundraise with just parties, hence the name: Just Parties.

Please support the PTA, our school, and community and join in the fun! Take a look through all of our party offerings and if one (or two or three) match your interests, please purchase a ticket at our webstore HERE!

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