1. Go to 
  2. Watch the Video:  PAUSD PORTAL VIDEO
  3. Log in using *your* (parent) userid and password.  The parent enters their information like this: First name.Last name. (Did you see the dot between first name and last name?) 
  4. Parents/guardians enter their password and it will show them their student ID’s for each of their students. If they forgot their password, they request a new password and it will send them info to their registered email address. 
  5. Click on “Infinite Campus”.
  6. Once it opens, click on “Today”.
  7. It should show a card showing a picture of your child, and student number.  If it shows a sibling instead, click on the menu on the top-right corner and select the child you want.  For this example, let’s say the student number is 95123456

If you continue to have trouble, put in an IT ticket through LET’S TALK! and an IT person will assist you. In your Let’s Talk ticket you will need to include: Student first name, last name, grade level, school and teacher.