Help Wanted

We have had a few parents reach out to us about wanting to help, but may not be sure how/where/when they can do so.  Here are some current opportunities for parents to join in.

*Audit Committee: Our insurance carrier requires a committee of 2-4 persons to reconcile our financial records with bank statements on a monthly basis. This is a <30 minute per month commitment – and you will be e-working with our current Auditor and Treasurer. If you like numbers/financials and/or you’re interested in learning more about PTA financials, this may be a role for you. Interested? Please let us know at


*Parent Network Coordinator: Would you like to join our team to help organize Parent Network Socials by grade and/or by advisory so parents have forums to connect with each other? If you are interested, please reach out to our Parent Network/Education parents at

*Bike Safety Rep: Regardless of where/how our kids are “going to school” – many of them are out and about on their Bikes. We have a $1000 budget for this very important program – we are looking for 2-3 parent volunteers to develop a program for the PTA and our Community, one that promotes Bike Safety for our kids. Interested? Please contact Valerie Rainey at

*Co-VP of Communications. Working with our VP of Communications, oversee PTA communication, focusing on reaching and informing parents to promote school and PTA events, programs, and activities. Write the eNews, publish information from the Principal, school staff, and the PTA Board. Coordinate with parent chairs who will share eNews articles on our Website and Facebook page. This role may appeal to you if you would enjoy using media to communicate the tone and intentions of the PTA. What information does our community need to feel informed, invited, and welcomed?