Hello Jaguars! This is Ms. Q with a message for you and your parents.

I hope that you are all home with your families, taking care of each other and keeping as much of a healthy routine as you can. All PAUSD students should stay home and exercise social and physical distancing as much as possible. Keep yourself, caregivers and adult family members safe.

We recognize that this is a big disruption to what we are all used to, however, protecting public health requires a community-wide response.

School closure means that our campus is not open. You should not be on any PAUSD campus at any time.

Your teachers are working on Flexible Learning Options for students while you are away from school. Our expectation is that every student will continue taking every opportunity to continue your learning online with the resources and guidance posted by your teachers. Starting the week of March 23, your teachers will be posting three hours worth of learning resources per class. This means that you can expect to be involved in three hours of math, English, PE, science, electives, and all other classes per week. Some classes have learning logs and other records for you to keep track of your learning in the next few weeks. Your learning during this time will not be graded, but teachers will provide you feedback so you can continue to grow in your skills and knowledge. Third quarter grading period will wrap up like normal this Friday, March 20. Please work with your families to keep a routine of learning, physical activity, reading, and creative time during this shelter in place. We are here for you and will continue to send you updates when we have them.

Your teachers have also posted their office hours on Schoology. You will be able to reach them by email and through Schoology for questions and help. Since we have an expectation that you will be doing online learning, teachers and counselors may check in with you personally if they see that you have not been checking your Schoology regularly.

Please take care of yourself and others. We look forward to seeing you as soon as we can reopen.