Greene Student Electronic Portal Access

For new students, and those in need of a review, the procedures for logging into the Greene portal called Rapid Identity follow below. You will need to log into the portal to participate in the first days of school activities.

  • You can access Rapid Identity at –
  • To login to Rapid Identity, you will need to enter the following:
  • Student id (950xxxxx) number
  • Student password or the default password (for those of you that are new)
  • The default password formula is (First initial of FirstName, First initial of LastName, !, (Birthday in the format mmddyy) for new students to PAUSD. 

Student Name: Tony Stark

Birthday: 05/29/1970

Default Password is: ts!052970

(First initial of FirstName, First initial of LastName, !, Birthday in the format mmddyy) Please note the inclusion of an exclamation point after the first two initials

Once in the portal, there are links to Infinite Campus and Schoology, as well as other resources. Students may access their Course List in Infinite Campus and email in Schoology. Take some time before school starts to attempt logging in and exploring the resources available in Rapid Identity.