Greene Community Update 4.1.2020

Dear Greene Community:

Next week is Spring Break, and we hope you can find time to unplug and be active! Our school staff will also be taking Playtime, Downtime, and Family time (PDF).

On Monday, April 13, Phase III of the PAUSD Online Learning Environment will commence. This next phase includes increased expectations for student participation and accountability resulting in credit/no credit grades.  

Required Online Learning Experiences (ROLEs) in Phase III will build on the momentum our teachers have made with the Flexible Learning Options (FLOs) from Phase II. Starting Monday, April 13, every teacher will post “Required Online Learning Experiences” on their Schoology courses.  

As this is a new system for all of us, we want to outline the criteria our teachers will use to define credit from no credit. Moving to credit/no-credit grading will benefit our students without negative consequences for students with collegiate aspirations. The University of California Office of the Chancellor (UCOP) released a statement today regarding their support of credit/no credit grading as a result of extended school closures.


  • Students demonstrate a basic understanding of essential standards in each content area
  • Students submit required assignments within the teacher-communicated timeframe 

No Credit

  • Students do not demonstrate basic understanding of essential standards in each content area
  • Students do not turn in required assignments within the teacher-communicated deadline                                                    

High School Considerations

For those students considering off-campus courses, the following conditions still hold true:

  • Specific course graduation requirement courses must be taken on campus. 
    • For spring 2020, off-campus courses will not be placed on PAUSD transcripts. This includes all courses that have received prior approval from the site counselor and administrator. If students complete an off-campus course in spring 2020, they must provide colleges with a separate transcript for the course(s).
  • Students may take a maximum of 40 credits of elective courses off-campus throughout their high school careers. 
  • Students may earn a maximum of 80 credits per year, including from courses taken on- and off-campus.

As we head into Phase III many of our past practices for online learning will remain the same, however, student work will be required and assigned credit or no credit.  Students will continue to be able to access the following in their Schoology courses:

  • Posted Office Hours where teachers are available to help students 
  • Up to three hours of content learning per course, per week
  • Updated Zoom Guidelines and Norms for students, teachers, and counselors
    • Parents, please allow students their independence while using Zoom with their classes and teachers. 

Moving forward, PAUSD remains committed to providing an asynchronous learning environment. This approach provides students and families with the necessary flexibility to complete learning activities at times most convenient for the students (In this model, a family can arrange each member’s computer use and work time.)  We recognize there are times when the Internet is slow and you may experience interruptions. For more specific information regarding specific expectations for Students and Parents, please see the attached files.  

If your student is in need of a Chromebook, the final loan device distribution will take place on Monday, April 13th, between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM at Ohlone Elementary School. The student Student Device Loan Google Form is now available for parents/guardians to submit requests. This information will also be posted on the PAUSD website. 

District Resources for students and families:

PAUSD – School Closure Resources

PAUSD Meals During School Closure

PAUSD Schoology Backpack (Parent/Student Support)

PAUSD Ed. Services Phase III Extended School Closure Continuity of Learning Manual 

Valerie Royaltey-Quandt, Principal

Greene Middle School