Getting to School

There are 800+ students who attend Frank S. Greene, Jr. Middle School. Over 500 of them bike to school with hundreds more who walk or scooter. The streets surrounding the school before and after the school day are filled with students! And, we want each and every one of them to get themselves to and from school safe and sound.


Pedestrians at the crosswalk should be sure the cars have stopped at the traffic light or stop sign before stepping off the curb into the crosswalk (even if the pedestrian light indicates to proceed).

Intersections can be busy – in some cases, drivers are driving into the sun which blinds them to bicyclists and pedestrians crossing in front them.

Low winter sun can blind drivers. Intersection of N. California Ave and Louis Road in the morning

City of Palo Alto’s Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is a dedicated department within the City of Palo Alto’s Transportation Office.

There are established Safe Routes to School for all of the PAUSD schools.

Safe Route to Greene for students east of Alma/Caltrain tracks
Safe Route to Greene for students west of Alma/Caltrain tracks

Students must wear helmets, it’s the law!

According to California law, anyone under age 18 must wear a bicycle helmet if using the following modes of transportation: bicycle, non-motorized scooter, skateboard, inline/roller skates or as a passenger. Not wearing a helmet can result in a traffic citation plus traffic class attendance with a parent.

Information from City of Palo Alto – How to make sure that your helmet fits properly.

Bike Theft

Unfortunately, bike thefts do occur. All bicyclists should lock their bikes even in the school’s bike cages. The bike cages are locked during school hours and open before and after school.

Bike Registration

Bike registration stickers and instructions are available in the Main Office or go to Bike Indexwebsite. It’s easier to register on a computer than on a mobile phone because there is no app. Please register under Palo Alto High and the City of Palo Alto.

Here is how to find the serial number on your bike.

Bike stickers are not necessary but helpful if PAPD or someone else finds your bike because the QR code offers information. The bike can still be identified by the serial number without a QR sticker. The bike may be registered and the QR sticker added later.

If your bike is stolen, go to Bike Index and report it stolen. An in-person report to PAPD can also be helpful (check their hours first). Online bike theft reporting to PAPD is unavailable.

How Bike Index stickers work.

Bike Registration stickers

Stay out of the Door Zone

Ride in a predictable straight line about five feet to the left of parked cars. Weaving in and out of parked cars makes you less visible to drivers. “Sharrows” on the road show where a bicyclist should ride to be outside of the door zone.

If involved in a bike accident with a car

Please do the following:

  1. Get the license plate number (take a photo, text it to someone, or remember).
  2. Call 911 and parents.
  3. If you feel comfortable, ask the driver for ID and take a photo of it.

Remain at the scene until help arrives, no matter who might be at fault. Collisions are traumatic events and it is often difficult to know what to do. It is highly recommended to get help immediately from the police or your parents.

Add the PAPD 24-hour Dispatch Center number to your phone contacts: 650-329-2413. Information on City of Palo Alto website.