Formerly known as JUST PARTIES

Formerly known as JUST PARTIES

Volunteer to host a Fundraising Party! All of the money raised from ticket sales goes to support the amazing PTA programs at Greene. 

Create a Fundraising Party with others!

  1. Come up with a party idea and ask friends or your Student’s classmates’ parents to host with you. For each Party, parents pick the theme, suggest a few dates and times,, and all of their own details — this planning and hosting process is another wonderful way to build friendships. Fundraising Parties have ranged from camping trips to movie nights to afternoon baking — and we are always looking for new ideas.
  2. Divide the responsibilities and any costs of the party among yourselves.
  3. Decide on a location: a family’s home or an outside venue.
  4. Come up with a date, a minimum and maximum party size.
  5. Once you have your plan, please share it with us by Wednesday Sep 8th. 

Join a current Fundraising Party! 

Want to help but aren’t sure about taking the lead? There are a number of long-standing parties that happen every year, and current hosts are always open to new hosts joining the team to keep the tradition alive. It’s a great way for new parents to learn from veteran parents.

Email us at to find out which parties are looking for more hosts!

Key Dates:

  • Wednesday, Sep 8th: Submissions for Party ideas are due.
  • Sunday, Sep 19: A preview of our Parties Webstore will be available through our eNews
  • Friday, Sep 24 at 7-9 pm: The Ticket Sale event at The Patio (outdoors) at Lucie Stern Community Center. Please note: This event is only for persons over the age of 21 years.
  • Remaining tickets will be available through our Parties Webstore.

Tickets are sold to attend the Fundraising Party with all proceeds going to GPTA.