From the Office of the Superintendent:

The county superintendent of schools has asked school districts to distribute the attached letter.  There is some debate about the precision of words used today by our governor and state superintendent about school building closures for the rest of the year.  While implied, concrete words were not used to implicitly announce the closure of schools or who is making the final decision.  

With the authority granted to me by our Board of Education through an emergency resolution, I am closing PAUSD school buildings for classroom instruction for the remainder of the 2020 school year.  We will discuss summer school at a later date.

We empathize with students who were holding out hope for a return this year.  Most people knew that reopening this year was unlikely given the challenges facing our nation and a virus still spreading rapidly.  At a minimum, I hope a definitive answer can provide a degree of relief. While our classrooms are closed, teaching and learning continues.  Distribution of meals will also continue during the classroom closures. Please continue to work hard and prepare for a triumphant return in the future. 


Don Austin

Superintendent of Schools


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