Corporate Matching

If you made a donation to the Greene PTA, your employer may match your donation to double its amount! Below are just some of our Bay Area employers who have a Corporate Matching program. If you work for one of these company’s – please click on the link to apply for a Matching Grant.

Don’t see your company’s name below? Use Palo Alto Partners in Education webpage to look up if they do:


Frank S. Greene, Jr. Middle School PTA

750 N. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA, 94303


Tax ID#: 94-6172286

Mission Statement: To build the school and the community that we want for our families.

Please use the above information to make a donation through your Donor-Advised Charitable Trust or by personal check. Every dollar helps our School and Community! Thank you.

Welcome to the website of the Parent Teacher Association of Greene Middle School in Palo Alto, California.