Congratulations to Greene TEAMs

Despite the Delta variant moving many meetings back to Zoom last summer, 40 Greene students forged ahead to prepare for the 2022 National Technology Association (TSA) competition.

This year’s state competition theme was “Engineering in Entertainment,” where teams collaborated on a 1000-word essay, a 2-hour Design and Build challenge, and an Engineering Computation challenge.

After the state competition, 5 Greene teams rank top 25 in the nation, and 4 have earned an invitation to the national competition in Dallas, TX this summer. Team E with Ethan Chan, Lincoln Dixon, Jesse Spain, and Ethan Varma scored 150 points, ranking them #1 in the state of California and in the nation.

A special thank you goes to Greene Science Teacher, Shelly Bethke, who supervises and hosts the TEAMs club at Greene.

TEAMs is an annual science, technology, engineering, and mathematics competition that challenges middle school student teams to work collaboratively to solve real-world engineering challenges, applying their math, science knowledge and research, writing and presentation skills in practical and creative ways.

Greene TEAMs has won 1st place of Best of the State from 2017-2021, and 3rd place of Best of Nation in 2017-2018, 1st place of Best of Nation in 2018-2019, and 2nd place of Best of Nation in 2020-2021 (The national competition was canceled in 2019-2020).  

In just 7 years, Greene TEAMs has garnered a successful reputation through ranking nationally and winning national titles.