May 26, 2020

Dear Greene Parent/Guardian, 

Students are invited back to campus one final time this year to complete the check-out process.  Students will have up to one hour to be on campus to check out, however we anticipate check out to take NO LONGER than 20-30 min.  Please check the chart below for students’ assigned checkout times.  If you are unable to come to campus during your assigned time, please contact our data secretary, Ms. Ruth Jang, at to arrange for an alternate check out time.  

Please note:

  • Everyone will need to adhere to social distancing guidelines- staying 6 feet apart from other individuals while on campus.  We will have tape and cones set up to aid with this.
  • Students should arrive wearing masks and gloves.  
  • Bags will be provided for students to collect their belongings.
  • Only students will be permitted on campus. If students are dropped off, parents must remain in their vehicle at all times.  Students may ride their bikes- Bike Cage #2 (on N. California Ave) will be open and monitored for social distancing guidelines.
  • Students need to bring the following items for check-out:
    • Textbooks (Math, Social Studies, Science, and any reading books borrowed from classrooms)
    • Library books
    • Music instrument
  • While on campus, students will:
    • Check in at the check in table located in front of the main office
    • Return items at designated collection stations
    • Clean out PE locker
    • Clean out hallway locker
    • Pick up medication (if needed)
    • Pick up projects and student work (if needed- teachers will communicate directly with students if they have items to give back)
    • Return lock (for 8th grade and any non-returning students)
    • Check out and leave campus immediately
  • What to do if your student has lost items:
    • If you are able to pay for your lost items please either give your student:
      • Exact Change if paying in cash, in a marked envelope with student’s name and what item is being paid for 
      • A check for each item that has been lost (must be separate checks for each item)
    • If you are unable to pay for your lost item, we understand.
      • You may still make any donation that is feasible for your family or if no donation is possible please have your student notify the librarian as to which item has been lost.
    • For prices please go to this link :
  • Please remind your child that they must leave campus immediately after check out.  No socializing or loitering on campus.
  • Yearbooks will be distributed at a later date (TBD).  Production has been delayed.  We will contact you once they are available for pick up.

Student Check out Schedule – To help us control the number of people on campus, students must come at their assigned times.  If you are not able to come during your time block please contact to arrange an alternate time.

Monday, June 1Student Last Name
11:00-11:45Bo-By, Ca-Ce
Tuesday, June 2Student Last Name
9:00-9:45E, F, Gai-Gar
10:00-10:45Ge-Gy, Haa-Hal
12:00-12:45Hu-Hw, I, J
2:00-2:45Kw-Ky, La-Le
Wednesday, June 3Student Last Name
9:00-9:45Li-Ly, Ma-Mag
11:00-11:45Mo-My, N, O
12:00-12:45P, Q
Thursday, June 4Student Last Name
10:00-10:45Su-Sz, T, U
1:00-1:45Wi-Wu, X
2:00-2:45Y, Z

As we wrap up this very unique school year, we want to extend our deepest appreciation for the support you have provided your children this year.  We look forward to seeing your student soon.

Wishing you all the best,

Greene Middle School Administration:

Valerie Royaltey-Quandt, Principal

Magdalena Fittoria, Assistant Principal

Mimi Kwon, Assistant Principal

Ana Reyes, Dean of Students