Back-To-School 2018

Dear Greene Middle School Parents and Guardians,

Welcome Back to school  for the 2018-19 school year !

This page will has everything you will need to get oriented for the new year and ready to start school knowing what Greene has to offer this year.

First up is the Greene Middle School Parent Teachers Association (aka GMS PTA or just the PTA).  We are strongly encouraging everyone to sign up and pay online this year.  Its easy, safe and it saves us a bunch of costs and bookkeeping time.

Two takeaways — be sure to visit the online payment store and also bookmark the Calendar page as this will be updated during the year. (You can also add it to your calendar — see page for details.)

And finally the information and official forms from Greene Middle School itself.  This is the information that was in the BTS packets given out on August 1 & 2.  Note these must be filled out, signed, check attached and brought to the first day of school (Aug 14) !!

Whew !! You made it !!  That was a lot of information — hope your head didn’t explode.  If you missed some or find you forgot something, no worries, this page will be on our website all year.

Anything confusing (or just plain wrong) ??  Let us know !!