Bike Safety

Our PTA Council Bike Safety rep did a count and counted exactly 500 bicycles! WOW – That is over half of our student population! 

From time to time, the Greene PTA will publish eNews articles and (hopefully soon!) host events to help educate our students on safety and to reinforce good riding habits, including how to safely share the road (not sidewalks!) with other cyclists and cars.

This week: Helmets are required by law for any riders under the age of 18. In order to comply with the law and in order to protect your student’s brain, a helmet must be worn properly on the rider’s head. They do not work properly when they are swinging from the handlebars. 

More information about helmets, including how to figure out when yours expires or needs to be replaced:

Safe Routes to School

Greene Walk and Roll to School Map HERE

The Walk and Roll PALY MAP (includes Escondido neighborhood to Greene route)