for Parents

In Middle School, our community begins to transition, allowing for students to become more autonomous from their parents.

Greene Middle School will direct their communications and provide activities directly for the students, requesting very minimal support from their parents.

The Greene PTA honors this transition by reallocating activities and efforts from being student- and family-centric towards ones that are parent-focused.


Greene 101 is an Orientation session hosted by Greene Middle School for both students and parents. To complement Greene 101, the PTA will host a Parent Network social for parents to connect with one another, either immediately before or after the school’s session.

Back to School Night (BTS Night) – is a Parents-only meeting hosted by Greene Middle School. Parents are invited to campus to meet their students’ teachers and to tour campus. To kick off BTS Night, the PTA will host a Parent Social on the Front Lawn for parents to meet one another, to ask questions and get answers from one another, and to get a map and directions around campus.

Please check our Google calendar for actual date and times and subscribe to our eNewsletter for more details.

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