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From the Office of the Superintendent:

The county superintendent of schools has asked school districts to distribute the attached letter.  There is some debate about the precision of words used today by our governor and state superintendent about school building closures for the rest of the year.  While implied, concrete words were not used to implicitly announce the closure of schools or who is making the final decision.  

With the authority granted to me by our Board of Education through an emergency resolution, I am closing PAUSD school buildings for classroom instruction for the remainder of the 2020 school year.  We will discuss summer school at a later date.

We empathize with students who were holding out hope for a return this year.  Most people knew that reopening this year was unlikely given the challenges facing our nation and a virus still spreading rapidly.  At a minimum, I hope a definitive answer can provide a degree of relief. While our classrooms are closed, teaching and learning continues.  Distribution of meals will also continue during the classroom closures. Please continue to work hard and prepare for a triumphant return in the future. 


Don Austin

Superintendent of Schools


Best school closure information found at 


Parent&Guardian_Roles.pdf (38.0 KB)

Student_Responsibilities.pdf (41.2 KB)

Principal’s Letter

March 25, 2020

Dear Greene Community:

Thank you for your patience as we pivot to our online learning norms. As reported today, all PAUSD schools will remain closed until May 1st across all Bay Area Counties. After Spring Break (Monday, April 13) PAUSD will begin Phase III of our school closure learning plan. 

Students should now be able to access the following in their Schoology courses:

  • Office Hours (3 hours per day): teachers are available to help students 
  • Up to three hours of content learning per course, per week
  • Updated Zoom Guidelines and Norms for students, teachers and counselors
    • Parents, please allow students their independence while using Zoom with their classes and teachers. 

Moving forward, PAUSD remains committed to providing an asynchronous learning environment. This approach provides students and families with the necessary flexibility to complete learning activities at times most convenient for the students (In this model, a family can arrange each member’s computer use and work time.) 

Expectations during Phase II (Monday, March 23 – Friday, April 3): 

  • Students are expected to independently engage in the Flexible Learning Options (FLOs) posted on Schoology. 
  • Teachers will monitor student participation on Schoology and will be available for support during their posted Office Hours.  
    • If you have questions about your teachers’ Office Hours, please contact them directly via Schoology or email. 
  • Parents, please support students by setting aside adequate time to participate in each subject area within a balanced routine.  
    • Manage the time spent in each class. Some may tend to “cram” all of their efforts in one class. 

We recognize this is a stressful time as families adapt to a new lifestyle. Internet connections may be unreliable and too much online-time can be overwhelming. We respect your family decisions to take necessary breaks, prioritize mental health and wellness, and recognize the learning curve we face during our extended school closure.

Device distribution at Ohlone Elementary School front office on Monday, March 30th between 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Please contact your grade level counselor if you are in need of a device. 

Counselors will survey students toward the end of the week to assess how students are doing with their online learning, and how they are taking care of themselves.

Thank you for staying connected to Greene by reading these community messages.  I look forward to sending you another weekly update on Wednesday, April 1.  

Stay healthy, 

Valerie Royaltey-Quandt, Principal, Greene Middle School

Plain Talk – FAQ 

Zoom Webinar: The Coronavirus & Understanding the Science of Physical Distancing and How This Impacts Our Families

Thursday March 19, 2020 at 7:00 pm via ZOOM 

The PTA Council Health & Wellness Committee invites you to join a Zoom Webinar to hear our panelists:   Dr. Kala Mehta, DSc, MPH (Adjunct Professor in the Depart. of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF) and Dr. George Rutherford, M.D. (Head of the Division of Infectious Disease & Global Epidemiology in the Depart. of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF and advisor to WHO) discuss the Coronavirus:  Understanding the Science of Physical Distancing and How this Impacts Our Families.

Webinar will be hosted on Zoom. 

Please click on the link to read the details on how to join the Zoom webinar:

Please email any questions you may have for our panelists to

This webinar is limited to 100 participants. However, if you are unable to join us during the webinar, you may listen at a later date as it will be recorded and posted online on the Palo Alto Council Website.

Hello Jaguars! This is Ms. Q with a message for you and your parents.

I hope that you are all home with your families, taking care of each other and keeping as much of a healthy routine as you can. All PAUSD students should stay home and exercise social and physical distancing as much as possible. Keep yourself, caregivers and adult family members safe.

We recognize that this is a big disruption to what we are all used to, however, protecting public health requires a community-wide response.

School closure means that our campus is not open. You should not be on any PAUSD campus at any time.

Your teachers are working on Flexible Learning Options for students while you are away from school. Our expectation is that every student will continue taking every opportunity to continue your learning online with the resources and guidance posted by your teachers. Starting the week of March 23, your teachers will be posting three hours worth of learning resources per class. This means that you can expect to be involved in three hours of math, English, PE, science, electives, and all other classes per week. Some classes have learning logs and other records for you to keep track of your learning in the next few weeks. Your learning during this time will not be graded, but teachers will provide you feedback so you can continue to grow in your skills and knowledge. Third quarter grading period will wrap up like normal this Friday, March 20. Please work with your families to keep a routine of learning, physical activity, reading, and creative time during this shelter in place. We are here for you and will continue to send you updates when we have them.

Your teachers have also posted their office hours on Schoology. You will be able to reach them by email and through Schoology for questions and help. Since we have an expectation that you will be doing online learning, teachers and counselors may check in with you personally if they see that you have not been checking your Schoology regularly.

Please take care of yourself and others. We look forward to seeing you as soon as we can reopen.

Schoolwork is on schoology

Greene teachers are actively posting assignments and updates through Schoology. There is assigned coursework, projects and/or quizzes. Your Greene students should check in regularly into Schoology for direction and instructions. Do you need help or support? Please email your advisory teacher or us at