Annual Data Update (ADU)

(If your student is NOT continuing with PAUSD in the fall, please notify the school district at with your student’s name, ID number, and where they will be attending school. You may ignore the rest of this blurb.) 

Only one parent/guardian needs to complete the ADU (for students with more than one household, it must be a parent/guardian from the “Primary” household; if you are not sure which household is primary, send an email to 

To complete the Annual Data Update (ADU), go to and login using your ID Portal userid and password. 

Once logged into ID Portal:

  1. Click on the Infinite Campus icon, then on “Menu” at the top left corner
  2. Find the “More” link located on the bottom left side of the page, then choose “Online Registration” at the bottom of the list.

3. You will see two buttons; choose the one on the left titled “Click Here to go to Annual Data Update”

4. Follow all the instructions and for each section, verify your current information OR input new information

5. Last step is important: click on the “SUBMIT” button, and look for a confirmation email in your email inbox so that you know it is complete!

Thank you for taking care of this as soon as possible, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance for any issues by going to, and click on the blue button titled “Login Issues – ID Portal”.

Thank you, and we sincerely wish you and your family safety and wellness at all time, and especially these days.
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