2020-2021 Budget

When creating the 2020-2021 Budget in late April/early May 2020, the Incoming Board took a hard look at our expenses knowing that our budget would be impacted by factors caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

2020-2021 INCOME, anticipated decrease compared to last year

  1. Anticipated decrease in our Annual Donation fundraising drive as many of our families face financial hardship or uncertainty.
  2. The reduction of our Just Parties Fundraiser program with fewer and smaller parties.
  3. Lowered expectations for our Corporate Matching program as many local corporations and businesses are also facing financial constraints.


The vast majority of the GPTA Budget goes to supplementing our school’s budget so that Greene administrators and teachers can provide all of the equipment, materials, and supplies needed by our students for their education.

  1. Technology – accelerated 1:1 student:device ratio with additional devices and more rapid replacement of obsolete ones,
  2. Instrument Repair and Cleaning – each year, Greene loans out hundreds of instruments for students to borrow for Band and Orchestra. All of those instruments were refurbished and thoroughly cleaned over the summer for the new school year.
  3. Education Supplies – School supplies that used to be stocked in classrooms and shared amongst classmates will be put into “kits” and handed out to students,
  4. Electives Supplies – Electives Teachers (Art, Tech, and PE) will be providing equipment and materials to students who may not have such things at home.

Staff Appreciation programs are being completely redesigned as our traditional practice has been to host Staff Luncheons throughout the year, as well as provide a monthly spread of lattes and bagels. We will plan on showing love and support to our Staff members through other means, but we did cut the budget here.

PTA Community Activities- we plan on hosting 2 Parent Education webinars, one in the fall and one in the spring and supporting a Bike Safety program. Our Association also voted to endorse Measure O, Palo Alto Parcel Tax extension and to donate $998 to its campaign.

Admin or Administrative Costs was the only category to increase as your donations to the Greene PTA will help pay for the new online payment system for the school, as well as PayPal/bank fees. Due to COVID-19, paper forms, cash, and checks – processes requiring contact or physical transfers of materials – are being replaced with online systems.

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