2019-2020 Donations


As we wrap up the school year, the PTA thanks the many parents who support Greene! THANK YOU!

Volunteer Hours: For this truncated school year, our parents put in 1262.9 hours to support our school’s community! WOW!!! And, we know this number is on the low side because many of you just show up to lend a helping hand – THANK YOU!

Donations: In 2019-2020, the Greene PTA received ~$179K in donations. THANK YOU!! 


  • ~$115K from our Annual Donation campaign
  • ~$  48K from our Fundraising program, Just Parties, and our FUNraising events, Cotillion Dance, Ice Skating, and Promotion Party.
  • ~$  12K in Corporate Matching
  • We also had a $80K carryover from FYE19 which included a $40K reserve (~20% of operating expenses) and the funding of 2018-2019 Chromebooks which cleared after our FYE19 books closed. 

Thank you for your generous support of our school!

But, where did the money go? EXPENSES:

Almost 70% goes to support our students at Greene. The big hitters here are:

  • ~$46,000 for Technology, e.g. desktops, iPads, Chromebooks + charging carts, printers, smart boards, etc. The PTA supplements PAUSD and Measure Z funding for student tech needs. Every year, the school replaces obsolete equipment; this year, we are helping to pay for the replacement of 32 desktop computers in room E6, 30 iPads, and 270 Chromebooks. Equipment replacements are metered out to smooth out turnover.
  • ~$33,000 for Teacher Supplies. Each of our 120+ Greene staff members is eligible for a PTA grant of $500 max to spend on classroom needs. We will be working on a slideshow to showcase what staffers do with their PTA grant, please stay tuned.
  • ~$28,000 for Arts and Enrichment. The biggest chunk of this category goes to the deep cleaning and refurbishment of school instruments which occurs over the summer when instruments are returned. Your donations also fund things like materials and tools for Industrial Tech, clay, paint, paper for Art, and ingredients for the Cooking classes, etc.
  • ~$13,500 for Student Support/ Scholarship programs. The bulk of this category funds charter and school bus rentals for field trips. A smaller portion covers field trip fees for students when parents cannot pay or forget to pay when their teachers collect donations. 
  • ~$13,000 for School Climate/ SEL programs. Your donations here support school programs such as 7th Grade’s Challenge Days, Greene Service Day, and Youth Community Service program, etc.

Another 5% goes to Staff Appreciation. Every year, we host 3 Luncheons for the entire staff: Back to School, Valentine’s, and Staff Appreciation Week (1st week of May). Also every month, we treat Greene staffers to a Latte Cart and bagels from Izzy’s.

PTA Community/ Events comes in ~20% of our spending, for all of our PTA programs and events: Back To School Social, Cotillion Dance, Parent Education seminars, Parent Network meetings, Just Parties Kick-Off Party, Ice Skating Parties, International Potluck, Promotion Party which was redesigned due to the SIP/Covid-19 situation, etc.  Due to the school closure, your donations to the Greene PTA contributed $50 per 8th grade student for a package of promotion gifts including a contribution of $5000 to Palo Alto Community Fund‘s Covid-19 fund as their promotion gift back to the community.   

The last 5% goes to “Admin” which is mainly a split between the bank/credit card fees (a.k.a. PayPal) when purchases are made through our webstore and for printing/postage fees for the school, e.g. the Back to School packet, field trip permission forms, etc. Although we hope that the printing/postage fees will go down next year as we move online, we do anticipate a corresponding rise in bank/ credit card fees. We also pay annual fees for eNews, webstore, and directory platforms.

Again, thank you so much for generously giving your time and donations. 

What is the preliminary 2020-2021 Budget?

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