Jordan PTA – SPECIAL MEETING – Community Forum Picking School Name – THIS TUESDAY @ 6:30 pm

All former, current, and future Jordan Parents, Students, and our Neighbors — please join us for a SPECIAL PTA Meeting on Renaming Jordan Middle School. We have the opportunity to voice to others and hear from another the thoughts on picking the name for our beloved middle school. This is your opportunity to speak and be heard ahead of the Board vote on March 27th.


Subject: Jordan PTA – Meeting To Discuss School Name Adoption
Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: MPR or Available Location at Jordan Middle School


Six diverse candidates have been submitted for consideration: Ellen Fletcher, Frank Greene, Jr., William Hewlett, Edith Johnson, Fred Yamamoto, and Anna Zschokke. You can read more about these individuals in this report.


The PAUSD Renaming Committee will be here to answer questions. By way of background, please watch last week’s PAUSD Board youtube video link starting at time stamp 14:21.

Top name candidates were individually presented at March 13 Board Meeting along with a powerpoint presentation slide deck on the Renaming Committee’s process. We thank the Board and the Renaming Committee for the thorough and diligent work. It was a labor of love. Thank you!


Please note there is a concurrent LCAP meeting the same evening, so if you are unable to make the Jordan meeting, but wish to have your name preference and comments included, kindly email Jordan PTA president, Jade Chao, at